App Developer required to create Business App for Construction Services company for creation of quotes/invoices etc

App Developer required to create Business App for Construction Services company for creation of quotes/invoices etc


Job Description

I would like to build an App for my business operations, project, document and business management. An all-round business management software/app! I would like the app to be available to use on iphone and ipad and preferably also have a PC desktop or web based version so it really can be accessed everywhere. Must have the ability to sync accross devices (based on username/login).
I would like it to be able to create quotes, invoices, variations and much more with the ability to 'sign' documents on ipad/iphone and export files into various formats. It would be good to have the ability to manage payments and have reminders with a separate area specifically for document management and also back-up options required so data will not be lost. System currently used is "Tradies" see I like that documentation is all filed under a 'project', and ability to sign documents and have customer sign documents but need more 'custom' documents. Also, previously tried Jobber ( which I liked as it has a good dashboard and ability to track and report jobs/payments and more accounting features... also that you can attach files to quotes/invoices etc.

I also tried developing many forms on formmobi which had really cool ability to create forms with picutes/signature/drawings etc. a lot of features I could do in this would be perfect for creating quotes/estimates.

This app must be easily used 'on the spot' to create quick quotes/invoices in front of clients... signature fields required to enable client to sign-off work straight away and would be good to be able to use this app offline but obviously requires internet access to send documents to client/customer via email.

I am trying to create a complete business app with features from first customer call to customer payment and filing of documentation/receipts and accounting functionality or atleast ability to have some accounting features that integrate into other accounting packages (ie. Kashoo... but would prefer app have own accounting system like Kashoo)

IF this APP can be created with ability to have subscribers and option to make the app available for sale/subscription, I will pay upto x2 my budget for same app with personal use only. Obviously, if the app is for sale/subscription, would require ability for selling and access only to paid customers... and would need 'administrator' settings for me to manage simple app items and have master access.

This would be a very passionate project for me as my occupation is Information/Document Management and I have seen many systems that have great features and poor features (ie. acconex/VPRM/Sharepoint/ProjectCentre).

If you are passionate about creating amazing apps with great functionality please let me know your ideas/opinions/experience.
How long will it take you to build such a complex app and what amazing features can you create. How much will I be able to update/change by myself after the app is build or will it need to be only updated by app builder/developer.
Do you think you can create an app that I can offer for sale/subscription to other similar companies... what extra work and features are required.

What can you provide to add value to my project?