Embedded Linux Kernel Development

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Produce an embdeed-Linux Kernel

Require an embedded linux developer to build a kernel for a devboard. (www.marsboard.com)

A prototype product is being developed. An embedded linux kernel is required for this product

The Job requires production of:
• Stripped Linux Kernel with fast boot (< 3-5 seconds)
• Boot from SD Card and/or onboard Flash (both onboard)
• Appropriate configuration of uboot, and SD partitions to boot, as required by the A10 SOC.
• No GUI needed, terminal over ip is fine. Fast boot is required.
• Real Time Kernel configuration settings applied.
• Allwinner A10 kernel configuration.
• Install ALSA, and configure to use onboard sound out (play a sound). (play a beep from shell)

You will be supplied with: (To be returned)
• Dev board (marsboard)
• SD cards
• USB Card Reader

You will return:
• a working linux kernel img
• working build instructions compilation settings (so that the kernel can be rebuilt and copied to a SD card with appropriate partitions etc.)

Expected time frame: Please provide estimates and experience for similar work.