End of the month inventory report

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I am a bar manager in Bangkok who is trying to create an end of the month liquor report. I have the bottles name, I have the prices, I do one inventory in the store room. I do an inventory at the main bar, then I have a little store room in the kitchen. I add up all the bottles of liquor and beers. Some bottles maybe or may not be full. I run a point system starting from 1 to 10 If the bottle is half full then it's .5 I need to add up all the bottles up and find out how much I have in house. Not only the amount but a dollar figure. Then I will prob plug in how much liquor, wine and beers I bought that month. Then find out how much I sold that month. I might have some spillage. I should be able to Crete a system that explains to me what is my liquor cost.