copy/edit PHP script

copy/edit PHP script


Job Description

Hi there,

We are interested in the script from

Clone is available here:

It uses google searches api, websnapr, google keywords suggestions etc

We want it to work slightly different though:

1) enter website
2) Google Country and Language ( and english for example)
3) enter a search term

Return results:
keyword | Google | Competition | Opportunity | Exact Local Searches | Broad Local Searches | Exact Global Searches | Broad Global Searches

4) same add and remove keyword feature
5) package proposal: 3 packages, example:
Small: 9 points
Medium: 27 points
Large: 45 points
--> each keyword entered sums a number of points, depending on opportunity, example:
excellent= 1 point
very good= 2 points
good= 3 points
average= 6 points
hard= 12 points

We currently use manually:
--> It has all the required data, not sure if we can implement it...

Let us know you experience, and pls address your reply with my name, its Robert. I don't want standard replies that have not evaluated this project first, they will not be considered...

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