Koblet Control

Koblet Control


Job Description

What I am trying to accomplish with the Schneider Smart Relay (SR3 B102BD & Analog module SR3 XT43BD) is a remote engine control (used for docking) for a wing station.

We have 4 dry contact inputs (Port Ahead, Port Astern, Stbd Ahead, Stbd Astern).
And two Analog outputs 0 – 5VDC with neutral/idle at 2.5VDC.

The owner would also like a throttle limit (adjustable by potentiometer) and a rate of throttle increase (adjustable by potentiometer).

Actual voltage at the control head at common in 4.93VDC.
Actual voltage at the control head in Ahead gear engaged at idle is 2.74VDC.
Actual voltage at the control head in Astern gear engaged at idle is 1.63VDC.

The way the owner would like this to function is described below.
The throttle rate/time potentiometer will allow from immediate – 3 seconds time to throttle up from neutral/idle to a throttle limit as determined by the potentiometer.
The throttle limit potentiometer will restrict the throw of the throttle from 10 – 100%.

Activating any of the 4 dry contacts will change the voltage output to engage the gear and over time will throttle up to a set limit. De-activating the dry contact will return the voltage to neutral/idle.