Post Production Audio Editing


Job Description

Perfect Understanding of American English is a MUST.

I am an oral historian currently interviewing clients’ life histories. I record only in audio. I’m in the middle of an interview where I might end up with 5 hours of unedited audio to pass along to you. As the interview is web conferenced, you will notice that the sound is not prefect. There will be other audio projects in the future and I’d like to utilize your services if you can perform to specs.

I’ve edited dozens of my own interviews before and I want someone else to take this part of my process over.

The usb mic being used is an inexpensive Logictech- type mic anyone can buy at Radio Shack. It really doesn't matter if you can fix the raw spots, such as when they say “P”or “K” sounds, but if you can, that’s a plus.

Projected time per project:
5 recorded, unedited hours

Please submit your estimate after listening to test audio clip at

Type of editing:
Noise, removing “Ah’s”, “Um’s”, lip smacking, "ok" repeated words, or any other unwanted sound or noise. Any sound editing you can also do is a plus.

Very flexible. Your deadline can be as long as one week. Just let me know.

Please note that I’m just shopping around and I am on a budget. If I think we have a good fit for one another please email me with a quote and background about yourself; if I like your package, I’ll ask you to edit the clip at the above link per my specifications.

If I like your work and your estimate, we’ll do a web conference call.

Very Warmly,

Andy "Avi" Rosen, Personal Life Historian
Audio Biographies for You and Your Loved Ones, LLC