MAP hide price

MAP hide price


Job Description

looking for a coder to design an mod for OPENCART. when selling products from some manufactors you need to show Manufacturer's Advertised Price, however once a customer adds the product to their cart "your" price is displayed.

It should add two questions to the admin section when you're adding or editing a product:
a) should this product have MAP pricing enabled? If MAP pricing is in the field MAP field, it replaces the price (throughout the website) with "editable text" that says: example "Priced so low, we're not able to advertise it. Add to cart for price."
b) should a MAP price be displayed? If you specify a "Minimum Advertised Price" then it will say "$xxx.xx For a better price, add to your cart" (replacing $xxx.xx with the price you enter)

i have a large inventory so it should be automated by regconizing the MAP field if empty it will display normally, if the field has a price the mod kicks in

simular to amazon's too low to show button