Iphone App Development (Crowd-based price tracking)


Job Description

I have a project I'd like to get off the ground in which I'd like users of the platform we develop, submit prices for services of things we track in a given market, via facebook integration.

Think of GasBuddy, and how local users can submit prices for gasoline based on where they are and the prices they see. I'd like to do something similar, only with a completely different service, and a very specific market. I'll need to get an NDA signed to give more detail.

This will start with a database of "venues" that is a relatively fixed set of locations. Within the venues there will also be a finite number of "products" sold, and these products will be generally the same for each venue (each venue offers each product, unless we know otherwise).

I'd like for users to login to the app via facebook and submit the prices for the product when they check into the venue via facebook (or, more likely, they open the app to report a price, and they get checked into the venue on facebook). As we start to accumulate data, there will be historical info that will be pretty powerful and perhaps predictive for users of the platform. Users must be able to quickly and easily update the price for the product in the venue, which won't be known until they arrive.

Finally, I'd like to be able to show the pricing information to anyone that registers with their facebook account, for the app. I want people to be able to see the pricing info, even if they don't actively report the info themselves. A key to this info is integrity. I want to be able to police "false" or "inaccurate" data coming from the venues or rogue users, etc. Information integrity is key to me.

I'd prefer someone in Southern CA to help with this so we can meet in person, but it's Odesk, and it's a small world, so I'm willing to work with anyone that can deliver the app quickly and cost-effectively. I definitely prefer a US contractor.

Skills: facebook