Website Redesign

Website Redesign


Job Description is a website that sells DVDs that are new, old, popular, etc. Whatisondvd was built using WIX html5 website builder. I was built very simply. There is a background which has a popular image of a new release movie such as uses. There is a menu at the top in which visitors can view different pages such as "Home", "Watch Instantly", "Electronics", "Video Games", "Media" and "Contact Us".

Each page excluding Media and Contact Us sell products. To be able to sell these products without and SSL certificate or deal with the headache of the transactions and shipping, we have signed up with Amazon Associate which is Amazon's affiliate membership. Within the account information for affiliates you can create different referral links which you get a percentage of any transaction that occurs from these links. Amazon affiliates have advertising and links already provided such as banner ads, basic links, website referral links and more. But what we use mostly is Amazon Affiliate's tool for creating your own personal "store". That's what we did. You go through Amazon's step-by-step process to pick which products you want to sell, whether you would like a search bar, and colors and display. Each page on has the html for the Amazon Affiliates Store built into it. In fact everything on the website that sells anything is from Amazon Affiliates.

The website functions well and looks decent. We've built a large presence on Facebook promoting and when the website is live it ranks at the #1 position above and for the term "What is on DVD". Which according to Google Keyword Tools the term "What is on DVD" gets 180,000,000 global searches each month. We're in a great position, however, even with a functional website and ranking for a competitive search term we still only get 2-3 sales each month.

We're are looking to do a redesign of the website which will convert more visitors into sales. Also I feel the title and description of the site which appears on Google when searched, could also be improved to convert more searchers into clickers.

The main priority is the website needs a better conversion rate and I believe it's the design that are driving people away. I need it to look more similar to Blockbuster or Netflix. It would be fantastic if somebody has the skills set to incorporate our Amazon Store into the website in a more fresh way that will get people more interested in our products and more likely to stay, look around, and make a purchase.

Skills: video, games, amazon, banner, facebook, design