Financial Analysis Platform

Financial Analysis Platform


Job Description

OVERVIEW: The purpose of the project site is to allow the user to retrieve, manipulate, analyze, and visualize financial/economic data (i.e. stock prices, economic indicators, rates, commodities, and financial statements).


The platform will pull financial data from several data providers, i.e. St. Louis Fed economic data ( and Xignite ( As such, expertise in relational database management, including query, batch processing, caching, data framing, array, etc, is crucial.

Reference sites, to which our site will be most similar (in terms of features) would be, (for reporting and charting) and (for portfolio construction/management). FYI, is built in JS/Jquery on the front-end, and in Python/Django on the back-end.

We'd prefer Python/Django due to Python's outstanding math/statistics features including libraries, e.g. Numpy, Pandas, RapidQuant, Anaconda, PyAlgoTrade. Competency in understanding and using these libraries/toolkit will be greatly favored.

(Those who are language-agnostic are also encouraged to apply as long as validity of technology/stacks choice can be justified.)

As it takes only 30 seconds to register at the aforementioned reference sites, those interested/serious are required to navigate and study these sites first, in order to scope out functionality/features, before submitting a proposal.


1.Write tools and applications to import, run calculations and visualize hundreds of millions of financial data points.
2. Experience working on interactive web applications, especially charting features.
3. A background or interest in finance and/or math would be highly valued.
4. Database Architecture - MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
5. Python, Django Framework
6. Data Analysis/Statistics Libraries - NumPy, Pandas, RapidQuant
7. HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.js, Node.js, Redis, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery


1. Your brief ideas and suggestions, along with your previous work samples. (Send samples ONLY IF they are "relevant or similar)" to ours.)
2. If you are working alone or as a team or company.
3. Ballpark project cost and timeline.