Boonex Dolphin Expert Only -- Video Streaming Website

Boonex Dolphin Expert Only -- Video Streaming Website


Job Description

Before applying please note:
You must show proof of boonex sites developed
I would like a reference of a previous client
I would like to see CUSTOM boonex site not using the default template or standard layout.
You must understand wowza media server, video streaming, video conversion, video recording, and video playback on desktop and mobile devices.


I currently have a boonex website that is very out of date. It has a lot of custom code including the HD Flash video recorder ( We are using WOWZA media server to handle videos and we are using (I THINK) JW player to playback the video , the site could be using but you will need to check.

Currently the site is not operational, we do have a back up that will need to be taken live on a test server and worked on.

Please let us know if the boonex can be upgraded, there is a lot of custom code and we do not want to break the site.

You must be available for communication for this project, it has quite a few details that may need to be verbally explained.

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