quickbooks expert


Job Description

We are a construction company that needs help setting up a quickbooks structure the accomplishes the follows.

We are using quickbooks 2012

1. Estimate job (We don't use quickbooks as a primary estimate tool, but we want to use it to keep track of various subcontractors in different trades)
2. Keep track of committed costs. For example: Lets say we estimate that installing a roof is going to cost $50,000, but when we commit a subcontractor to do the job, they agree to $45,000 we want a way to keep track of that.
3. Subcontractor billing. When subs bill us for partial payments we would like to set up a way that we can see what their outstanding balance is. We do not want to be over paying subcontractors.
4. Job tracking; would like to generate weekly reports on individual jobs, to see if we are on track with our budget.

If you can help us with the above please apply for the job.