CubeCart Custom Development Needed

CubeCart Custom Development Needed


Job Description

CUBECART experience needed. Others need not apply!

We are using CC4 for a very successful online ecommerce site and we need some custom work performed.

1. We need to be able to add a $5 handling fee for every order under $50 from the site.

2. When we print orders out, it leaves off the phone number and email address. Every time we need to contact a customer or enter a shipment in for UPS, we have to look up this info on CubeCart. It creates us additional work. Can you fix this where both phone number and email address show up on the shipping invoice?

3. Customers email and call us continually about their email confirmations not stating the shipping address. They see the billing address only and assume that we do not have the shipping address. In every case, we have the information, it just does not reflect on their email receipt of the order. Can we make the shipping address appear on the email confirmation instead of the Billing Address?

These are the big three. There may be additional work down the road as well for the right candidate.