Simple App, Potentially Rich

Simple App, Potentially Rich


Job Description

C, C++, Objective-C, etc.

If you can code, then this is going to be so, so easy for you.
I need a simple code to do something fairly simple.

This is for an iOS (or Android) app, performing a simple thing - but will
catch the attention of a large group of people. The target consumer can
literally be found in man, woman of any race, size - despite their interests...
All over the world.

In return, I can guarantee a legally forwarded share of the product's revenue,
a whopping 5%. In a matter of months, this paid amount can reach the thousandths, and over time, it will continue to grow.

(Android platform is also okay, if you prefer it)

This job literally continues to pay, depending on whether or not you've
coded this simple process properly!

I know some of you will be interested.
This is absolutely serious