eBay Listing

eBay Listing

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We would like you to list Japanese products on ebay.com. You can do this work at your home using your PC. Our requirements for you are below.

1. Honesty
We don't need a person who makes rough work. Need a person who can continue with honesty.

2. Good communication
We are searching a person who can contact with us any time.

3. English skill
You will need to check the item's title, item's description, and so on. So you need to have good English skill.

4. eBay or other auctions experiences
If you know what is the auctions, our work will be smooth.

5. Hard work
We need a person who can work regularly.

Description and Payment
You pick up items from our item's list and list it up on ebay with a listing tool. It's not so difficult. However, you must list more than 50 items in a day. So if you don't have time enough, I don't recommend this work for you. Also, I don't hire a person who exhibit his "bulk-listing skill". Actually we don't need the bulk listing. We are thinking your listing one by one carefully will give us enough earning, but more than 50 items listing should be done in a day.

We pay $10.00 for 100 items listing. If you are a reliable person, we will think the rate up, but you do with the pay for a while.

How to contact
We use Chatwork. If you don't have your account on Chatwork, please make yours before you start this work. You can find it at http://www.chatwork.com/