Senior WordPress Designer & Developer

Senior WordPress Designer & Developer


Job Description

Thanks for your interest. You must be both a Senior Designer and a Senior WordPress developer.

You must know and work within WordPress to improve the design of the WordPress website using the same Theme.

Within 5 days, I just need the concept for the Home Page and a Level 2 Page. Then we have 3 weeks to finish the site.

You must design and layout every page using the functionality of the WordPress Centum Theme. No special programming or customisation of the Centum Theme. The finished product is the final WordPress website.

Sorry, but I will only have time to reply to those who provide no more than 1 or 2 examples of the type of design they think is appropriate for my helicopter site.

Minimum fee is A$500. How much would your fee be?

Please carefully read the full instructions at:

Thank you,