I need To Research Data on A Specific Target market

I need To Research Data on A Specific Target market


Job Description

, I'm trying to narrow it down to a specific niche for me to target. I'm a life coach to women and I'm looking to target women or married women with kids, who has an annual income of 100,000 or more who struggle with letting go of her past , past mistakes, find it hard to overcome obstacles.

I want to know where do they hang out, what language do they speak, what is their readiness to take action to solve this problem.

I'm looking to find what keywords make the first page on google. i want to know about the woman who is tossing and turning at night because they are full of regrets and guilt and shame.

can you do a market niche for these types of women and find out what do they need in order to get results and what do they like to listen to or watch. what is their best way of receiving information, is it audio, ebook, paperback book, coaching sessions, etc

what are the signs that these women know they need help . let me know if you can do this and i'll order the gig

Skills: research, coaching