Website design and build – wordpress, joomla or similar

Website design and build – wordpress, joomla or similar


Job Description

This is to be a fairly simple information and news website concerning worldwide work visas and work permits. I am seeking someone to design and build the site, and implement everything so that it’s properly working.

I am clear on the basic functionality that I want. There are some very basic essential features, and there are some other areas of functionality that I’m interested in, depending on costs. Additional suggestions would be welcome too if more can be achieved within the stated budget.

The basic (essential) features:

• The home page (and every other) will link (via a drop down menu) to country pages, which will be populated with basic information about work visa requirements and processes for that country. These in turn will each link to one or more levels of sub pages (depending on the rules and systems in in place for each country). I can add the pages of content once the main hierarchy is in place.
• Around the dropdown country list I think I would also like direct links to the most popular 3 or 4 countries.
• A news section needs to also exist or be “ready to go”, where news items can be tagged or categorised according to which country they relate to.
• When a user is on an information page relating to a country, there should be a link (prominent) to the news page for that country, and the general news page.
• Similarly when a person is reading a news article relating to a particular country, there should be a handy link to the information page for that country.
• The design needs to allow for adsense adverts to be displayed on every page (with more space dedicated to it if there is no other content.
• There should be a directory of service providers broken down by country, with links from the country information page (s) to the relevant page for service providers. Where there are no service providers listed for a particular country, then adsense adverts should be shown (more prominently). I will populate (or arrange for it) the entries on the directory.
• Each service provider information listing or “business card” to be formatted and separated graphically in some way.
• Also, a way to make “premium listings” (in bold and at the top of the listings for a particular country) would is required.

• Newsletter sign up – with options to choose relevant country of interest.
Other features preferred if feasible:

• News from major sources relating to visas and immigration to be fed through / linked to and displayed automatically to the news section and the relevant pages.

• A method of taking enquiries and forwarding it through to listed providers would also be useful. So users (employers, business people or individuals) can put through one enquiry, then judge the speed and quality of the response from each provider. The user will be given the option to send their enquiry through to multiple service providers.

I will populate the country pages (and sub-pages and other pages) with content (or arrange for it). Also I will add the unique news content when appropriate. Also I will add content to the directories of service providers (or arrange it). This data entry is not part of the job. However I may need assistance putting all these features in place until they work.
I should also mention that for anyone who also does article writing and data entry, there could be ongoing work in terms of these and in terms of site maintenance.

I want the site to be responsive and useable on mobile devices.

Please don’t apply unless you:
- Have good experience and feedback building sites with similar levels of functionality.
- Have a very good standard of written and spoken English
- Listen well and take time to clearly understand what is being requested
- Are diligent in your work with attention to detail (I don’t want to have to point out silly errors. I don’t want things to not work or to have to point out that things clearly look very bad).
- Can show me a portfolio of work that is genuinely your own work where you have worked directly with the client
- Are going to be honest about the amount of time required to do the job. I need good value for money.

…I’ve placed a few adverts on Odesk but have never yet given a job to someone, mainly because of the above issues.

Basic on-page SEO standards need to be taken care of, of course.

I have a logo that I am happy with. I want the design of the site to be first class also. I don’t mind if a good existing theme is used as a basis, but any adaptations have to look absolutely right and work perfectly.

I can provide you with a mockup in photoshop to use as a starting point..

Please apply clearly stating how you intend to approach it, why you are the person for the job and including a portfolio of your best wordpress and / or similar sites.