Document Conversion Tools Expert Wanted

Document Conversion Tools Expert Wanted


Job Description


We are using LibreOffice to convert documents such as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx, pdf, xls, xlsx) into HTML5. One issue we have is the migration of fonts. The Word documents do not get converted as per our expectations. The fonts do not get migrated over into the HTML5 document. We are exploring different options. We tried to get fonts to work with the format that LibreOffice exports and realized that it would It may take time time to set something up that would allow use of the fonts.

If you have the expertise in the above and we need your help to convert documents in various formats (such as doc, docs, pdf, xls, xlsx, etc) into HTML5 using LibreOffice. Once the document is converted, it should look exactly the same as the source document. If LibreOffice is not the correct choice, please suggest, setup and configure any open source tools to get this accomplished.

This is a fixed bid project. Please reply if you have experience with the document conversion tools.


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