Content Writing for Restaurants

Content Writing for Restaurants


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced writer to make content for high end restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. The content must be reader friendly and interesting, as the articles serve the purpose of first and foremost information for customers but also to assist in SEO.

Someone with prior experience in the industry would be most ideal. However, someone with any form of professional writing experience would be suitable.

It is a requirement that you can both write well and speak English fluently for business purposes. Also a history in some form of professional writing is necessary or proof of a well written blog.

Being able to speak Malay is an extra that would help but isn't required.

Flexible working hours, only requirement is meeting deadlines, however, around 20 hours per week should be a minimum. Additionally there is a chance of recurring work if content written is good.

***Hourly Rate of $3.50***