Find and translate law paragraphs (Spain)

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Job Description

Spain should have four laws stating so called "fiscal rules":
*) From 2002 to 2005 a "balanced budget rule" stating something like "In "normal" economic conditions, general government and its sub-sector must show a balanced budget or a surplus."
*) From 2006 to 2011 a "balanced budget rule" stating something like "The overall deficit during downturns must not exceed 1% of GDP."
*) Since 2012 a "balanced budget rule" stating something like "Structural deficits for CG and RG cannot exceed limits set by EU"
*) Since 2011 an "expenditure rule" stating something like " The annual growth of the eligible expenditure cannot exceed the average medium-term growth rate of GDP (over a period of 9 years), in nominal terms."

I am looking for someone who could find the respective paragraphs describing these rules in the Spanish law and translate them to English.

1) Original paragraphs (in Spanish) from Law (if there are references to other paragraphs within the paragraphs stating the fiscal rule, I need those too)
2) Paragraphs in 1 translated into English
3) In addition smaller info should be added:
*) the exact name of the law,
*) the date when it was enforced, and
*) the source (where the text is from), e.g. internet link, book, etc.