Speech Audio Editing & Enhancing/Mastering

Speech Audio Editing & Enhancing/Mastering


Job Description


We are looking for an audio editing and mastering pro and expert.

We have over 600 hours and growing of audio recordings that need to be edited, mastered and enhanced for best listening experience.

The Audio Material was recorded during Live Training Programs and is now to be transformed into Remote Learning Audio Training Programs that someone can take and put onto a digital player and listen to.

Here is a short Sample for you : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xes0cevqitdgng/Presentazione%20Thiene%2027.9.2013%20excerpt.mp3

As you can hear the Recording is in Italian but that should not rappresent a problem for this task as we are mainly concerned with editing and mastering/enhancing the audio itself.

We are looking for a professional to be added to our team and this first job is a Test Job, many more will follow as i mentioned before we have over 600 hours of audiomaterial that will have to be processed.

The task is always structured in the following way.

1. You get a full length file.
2. You get a list containing the edit times (see attached).
3. It is your task to enhance, master and optimize the audio.

The audio will be listened to on Headphones mainly "but not only" so you need to enhance the audio for "clarity" and best listening experience.

You need to be familiar with audio editing programs.

It is very important for us to create the best quality audio program possible and in order to assess your skills in helping us to achieve this goal please
process/enhance/master/optimize the above 4 minute excerpt and submit it in your application to this Job.

Also include a time estimate. How many hours do you require to do what i mentioned above if you are given a 3 hour audio file to start from ?

Looking forward to your application.

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