Video App Wanted - Looking for estimates.

Video App Wanted - Looking for estimates.


Job Description

I'm looking to get estimates on have an app developed for iOS and Android similar to Vine, Cameo and Instagram (30 second video clips with editing functions) with the added functionality of Instagram that has "add to photo Map" Name this Location > foursquare and also a sub category level. All the other functions need to be there:

Account set up
Email Validation
Push Notification
Social Share -Connect to FB, Twitter Youtube

Video Record - total 30 seconds
Play - Pause - Stop
Reverse Camera
Flash on/of
Edit video - similar to Vine
Add Caption
Report Video
Embed Code
Video URL
Add to photo Map
Name this Location > foursquare


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I will need a web site as well where people can view, post and share the videos as well as download the apps. Will need you to submit the app to Apple iTunes and Google play.

I want it to be cloud based so all the videos are uploaded to a cloud based server. I'll need your help me to source the best and economical hosting platform.

If we choose to work with you, expect us to...

• Always be professional, courteous & respectful.
• Be available for regular communication & quick to respond to questions.

The developer we choose will have the following qualities:

• Has an excellent work ethic & a good track record of app development with strong previous client feedback.
• Enjoys working on new concepts & likes a challenge to create something a little different or unusual.
• Communicates often and keeps clients up to date with progress.
• Doesn’t like to miss agreed deadlines & milestones. (we certainly don’t)
• Will not be afraid to ask questions rather than assume or second-guess.
• Has that all-important “attention to detail” & can follow given instruction & direction.
• Will be able to recommend alternatives or solutions to problems or suggest a more effective way to achieve a better outcome.
• Gives realistic estimates of how long certain tasks will take to complete.
• Is always honest, transparent, professional
• Keeps up to date with Apple / iTunes development requirements & policies.
• Knows & understands what makes a ‘hit’ mobile app.

Developer must have knowledge in:
- web server integration
- database design
- FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram. forusquare API integration
- Audio or Video streaming
- Push Notification, In App Purchase, iAD, AdMob
- Native iPhone/iPad functionality for audio/video recording and video compression
- Server know how

We will only read responses from suitable developers who can prove they do notice important details and show genuine interest in working with us, starting with the project mentioned above. If we interview you, an NDA will first need to be signed.

As strong communication skills are also essential, we will insist on speaking via Skype to developers we shortlist. English doesn’t have to be your first language, but you will be required to have a good command of the language.