Technical content writing

Technical content writing


Job Description

Looking for a Technical Writer to search and write data on specified software applications. Basic technical understanding and ability to search the web for detailed information on specifies software. Fluent English is needed.

This is per item pay work, 3 dollars per Item. In case we will be satisfied from the results in this work we will offer much more from the same.

The needed information is divided into the following groups:
Recommend Description (Should it start during the boot, 1-2 sentences),
Why It Runs In Boot (Why does it start during the boot time in the first place, 1-6 sentences),
Manual Implication (What will happen if it is removed from the boot, 1-3 sentences)
Delayed Implication(What will happen if it is delayed to start after the boot, 1-3 sentences)
Uninstalled Implication (can be left empty),
Short Description (what is this software application, in 1 sentence),
Long Description (what is this software application, full description),
Catalog Ultra Short Name (Up to 10 characters),
Is Supports Automatic,
Is Supports Manual (True if can be removed from boot),
Is Supports Delayed (True if can be delayed to after boot),
Is Supports Uninstall,
Is Recommended Automatic,
Is Recommended Manual (True if the recommendation is to remove from boot),
Is Recommended Delayed Automatic (True if the recommendation is to delay),
Is Recommended Uninstall,
Catalog Item Vendor Name (Vendor name),
Catalog Item Category Id (Table of ID's will be given by me),
Category Name (Table of Names will be given by me, must be fit to the ID).

You can see more detailed instructions in the attached file.
If you interest in the Job we will send you a file with few examples before start working on it.

The project has 3 milestones:
1. Accept the work.
2. Delivery of 2 items, get paid 6$ for that.
3. Delivery of 5 more items, get payed 15$ for that.

The content must be in your own words and not a copy from the software applications web sites.

Contractor we will be satisfied from his / her work will be able to receive 40 items work each week.

Skills: english

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