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Job Description

What I need to create is a retail based merchant platform that is very similar to but with a few differences;
1. I need to incorporate a mechanism so that the user states the price point they are willing to pay for a product
2. The engine needs to be able to search the web for similar SKUs of product or product description and return the price point for those SKUs so customer can see what products are retailing for online
3. engine needs to have merchants portal to upload and review products/SKU and offers from customers
4. engine needs to have customer login and account details
5. engine needs to be able to factor volume pricing for products/SKU

Please send me a bid with a detailed explanation of how cost breakdown. If you have not built a retail merchant site before please do not apply.

I am looking for the best & cheapest option--I want to create a minimal viable product (MVP) before committing significant amounts of dollars to this project--so give me your best offer and give me expected completion dates.

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