Press release for a female fitness product

Press release for a female fitness product


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Slim down in no time! iTRAIN Body Makeover is the solution. We offer a full blown program and diet regimen that will give you secret tips to lose 5-10lbs in just 2 weeks. Thought you could never lose 2 dress sizes, think again. Our celebrity trainers have worked with hundreds of women and our Body Makeover has never failed. Try it. We know you will see results! 7 hours of personal training 1on1, unlimited use!

You will enjoy this fun, easy, challenging, progressive unique combination of cardio and sculpt ballet. For those with a strong need! The body makeover is inside (Diet Program included) and out (Workout Routine) for longer term results. Our program is unique and Hollywood stars tried it first for you with tremendous success! Get it today >>

This is for a dual product release, first one is a package of the website ( sold discounted at $19.99 and the second one is a free iPhone App ( Same content but first option allows you to own the content and use it anywhere if you do not have an iphone.

Skills: training