Job Description

I am looking for Sales Agents who will be able to create partnerships between our Canadian Education Institute and other education institutes in their country or city.

We are a Canadian training institute and offer our courses on-line and in class. We are looking for Sales Agents who can contact training institutes in their own region and see if they would be interested in forming a partnership to offer our Certificate and Diploma programs in their institute. All of our courses are designed in Canada and all students who complete our courses receive a Canadian Certificate or Diploma sent from Canada. We also provide all course material, workbooks, and teaching materials.

You can visit the website at

Our courses include:
- Business (Marketing, Management, etc)
- Soft Skills
- IT

We can also custom design courses for a training institute.

Please note this position is commission based. You will only earn money if you are able to generate a sale for us or introduce us to an institute which creates a partnership agreement with us. We can discuss the percentage that you would be interested in, but it would be much higher than being paid hourly.

If you have read this job posting, but "COMMISSION" as the first word in your reply.

Skills: training, marketing, management, design, teaching