Automated Email Scraping

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Job Description

I have an online application that I need to setup an import of data through scraping of data from emails. The emails will be from various suppliers.

I would like my users to be able to get emailed order confirmations into my server to then process/scrape data out of them to store in my database. We will need to store things such as the supplier, date of order, individual cost, total cost, etc. taken from the confirmation emails.

1) I would like the project to include the retrieval of the email - will the client forward it to a special address/upload/etc. (HOW will you get the email to work with?) - and 2) then the actual scraping of the data from that email to populate the users dbase. The data can be saved in a temporary table for me to display for the user so they can edit the info prior to permanent save.

Please provide your skill set and ability including time necessary to complete project. I prefer someone that can start immediately and have it completed within a couple of days.

The current configuration for the app is: Classic ASP application on Windows Server 2008 r2 Standard using SQL Server 2008 as database - prefer either classic asp or PHP if possible as PHP5318 already installed and running on server.

Would prefer someone work with me this weekend please!