Contribute information about designing, producing, and/or distributing fashion with embedded (wearable) technology

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Job Description

Our goal is to create a fashionable clothing item with embedded wearable technology and an accompanying mobile app to access that technology. To us, the fashion component is as important as the technology component. (e.g., a shirt with an embedded chip and an app that you can set so the chip vibrates according to a schedule, a shirt that has embedded LED lights that you can program, etc.).

To achieve this goal, we intend to create a team of oDesk workers with diverse expertise (e.g., a fashion designer, a wearable technology expert, marketing experts, software/web app developers, etc.). The challenge will be to have these experts collaborate as efficiently as possible to create a prototype in a relatively short amount of time.

At this stage, we have intuitions about what is involved, but need a much more detailed plan for who we should hire and what the project/work structure will look like. The first thing we would like to do is to speak with different experts to understand what the scope of this project should be, what processes will be involved, what kind of team we would need to build this item, and how we would have to organize that team.

We are hoping to hire experts to interview about what the structure would look like for such a project.

We will pay for 2 hours of your time - the one-hour interview and for the time it will take to work on preparatory materials if you are hired. It is our plan to actually run this project in the near future if we can get enough information about what is involved from these interviews, so there is a high chance of getting re-hired if we go through with the project.

If we accept your application, we will send details about those preparatory materials and other next steps.

In order for us to consider your application, please copy and paste the following structure and fill in the blanks appropriately:


1. Name:

2. Expertise with hardware design (of wearable technology or other related technologies) and/or fashion design

2.1 Do you have experience designing and producing clothing? [Y/N]

2.2 Do you have experience with wearable technology or equivalent hardware devices? [Y/N]

2.3 Do you have experience with manufacturing/distribution (of clothing OR tech)? [Y/N]

2.4 List any relevant expertise you have and briefly note how those skills will service this project of building a fashionable items with embedded wearable tech:

3. [Optional] Link to portfolio of related projects you have contributed to


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