Expert adviser and troubleshooter for Windows Server, IIS, ASP.NET deployment


Job Description

We need to create a simple method for people to install and configure our application in a Windows environment.

Your job will be to assist one of our staff with expert advice and troubleshooting via screen share, such as Skype or Google Hangout.

The components of our application are:
* Lightswitch 2012 server component
* Several REST-style web services designed to be hosted on ASP.NET
* SQL Server database

The target environment is:
* Windows Server 2008 or above
* SQL Server or SQL Server Express 2008 or above
* IIS 7 or above
* .NET 4.0 or above

The installation and configuration needs to be repeatable for multiple environments behind the firewall.


In your response please indicate your :
* your experience with deploying and configuring applications to the target environment.
* your level of English proficiency (spoken and written)
* your proficiency in Powershell

Skills: troubleshooting, .net, english