Website Improvement / Optimization / Content Needed

Website Improvement / Optimization / Content Needed


Job Description

I have a website that is in need of improvement. I need a real machine that attracts customers online and explains thoroughly the service I provide.

My website is . Please tell me what you feel you could do to make the website better.

Below are a list of things that I want done:

Testimonials Side Bar on Home Page

FAQ Filled Out

Content for all the pages that are now empty

Space for Youtube Video Presentation

Live answering via chat 24/7 - Chat Box

Live rep available to answer calls 24/7 - Click to call through cell phone

Different state Licenses, Different office addresses Filled in

Phrases like these added in strategic places on home page.

"Temporary accommodations available", "Free Claim Review", "Maximize your claim", "References available"

You Tube, FB Buttons added

New Images for types of claims on home page

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