Develop a 4.3 inch LCD that can play video files from onboard memory that has been received wirelessly from PC

Develop a 4.3 inch LCD that can play video files from onboard memory that has been received wirelessly from PC


Job Description

To Develop a 4.3 inch LCD that can play video files from onboard memory that has been received wirelessly from PC

Hi all,

I am looking for someone that can design a bespoke electronic circuit. I would need a PCB design and layout of all the components. I have very basic knowledge of electronics, so this is a bit out of my depth.

The requirements for the project are.

I have a 4.3 inch LCD screen. I would like to design a main board with wireless capabilities and on-board memory/storage, 2GB should be more than sufficient. The main board must be able to play video files, such as AVI for example. I would like to transfer a videos wirelessly from a PC to the mainboard. The moment the video has finished transferring to the main board, I would like it to start automatically playing the video on a loop. Maybe the main board would show up as a network computer within Windows. I would like the amount of main boards that can be attached in this way to be limitless.

I would need the main board to hold its own power in the form of re-chargeable battery. This would also require a battery charger developing.

I am aware of units prebuilt that could facilitate most of my equipment, the problem is cost. I am looking to manufacture this on a relatively large scale. I have learnt that manufacturing the product where possible can be more cost effective.
I would love to hear from anybody that can help with this project.

Please see further requirement’s below.

1. (Video frame rate.) This doesn’t have to be anything special, 24p would be OK.
2. (which kind of wireless link you expect ?.. WIFI ? RF ?) We can accept any. In theory I would like to access a Browser window within my PC and see all the main boards as a network folder. For example could be folder icon’s showing 1 to 10. I could drag and from different videos into different folders. When the transfer is complete the video will start playing.
3. (what are the size of the video file you want to send? what is the maximum time allowed to do the transfer ?) I will let you calculate this for me. Let’s say the mainboard is already playing a video 1GB in size. Then I decide to transfer a new video to the mainboard 700MB in size. I would like the old 1GB video to continue playing until the new video file 700MB has transferring. Once the 700MB has transferred to the mainboard I would like the 1GB file to auto delete and allow the 700MB video to start playing.
4. (you need 2GB of memory .. no problem, I can add it on the board... but what do you think about use a USB memory key instead of wireless link ? ) I would like to be able to update multiple mainboards, maybe 10 for example all at the same time. For this I think wireless link would be better.
5. (what is the time you expect working on battery when video is play ? what is the available size for the battery ?) We have a lot of room for the battery, so are not really restricted. The mainboard will be playing videos 24 hours a day. The mainboard will be charging up during the nighttime, and discharging during the day.
6. (how many prototype you want ?) Just one prototype will be sufficient please.
7. (you confirm, there is no audio to play ?) This can be an option?

I would love to hear from anyone on here that can help me with this project.