ASP.NET MVC-Based CRM System running on Windows Azure (First Version)

ASP.NET MVC-Based CRM System running on Windows Azure (First Version)


Job Description

We’re building a cloud-based CRM system. This is the first version we’re going to build.
1. Account management:
General management of user accounts
Roles: sales, managers, clerks, etc.
Manage the roles of users
2. Tiered Sales Management:
Grouping with tags
View the performance of individuals and by groups
3. Client Profiles
Basic information
Client preferences, interests
Assigned sale staff, prospected projects, etc.
4. Projects managements
Stages of projects
workflow and alerts
5. Contracts management
contract documents record
reminders of activities/milestones
6. Data analysis
TBD (future versions)
7. Connect to SNS platforms
Flexible architect allowing: third-party auth, import client profile from SNS, push information to SNS, etc.
WeChat integration (future versions)
1. Web Application
2. Mobile Applications (future versions)
3. WeChat integrating (future versions)

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