D&D DM-helper app

D&D DM-helper app


Job Description

this app will help me to manage the 35+ D&D players in my group. it will hep me keep track of health, special perks, player abilitys, dice rolls, keep a log that shoes what has happened, hold the rules, and backup player sheets... this is going to be semi complex. this isnt going to REPLACE the DM, just assist the DM.

i need someone:
who knows IOS 4... that's right 4. the ipad i have is jail-broken onto 4.2.1 and due to a firmware glitch (my bad) it cannot update. and who knows the hardware limitations of IPAD 1... the original thick brick of an ipad.

who has moderate - advanced skills in app making (i would go so far as to say godlike skills, but its gunna have a few tricky bits) i dont know ipad code, so i dont know how skilled you are going to need to be to make it work, but theres scrolling, theres lots of look ups, 3-4 data baces to serch on at the same time on the app itself, theres about 20 different look up tables... so i am thinking like 5-7 on the skill meter

who can speak English with high capacity. i am sorry to sound like an ass, but the app needs to be in English, and i personally only speak 2 languages, English and bad English... so communicating with me via skype - email needs to be able to understand me... (i am ADHD so i am not easy to understand sometimes)

i already have the layout, the icon positions, the fllow of the app (what buttons do what), the UI, and most of the "visual" things already, but i need someone who knows the back end of the ipad to take the visuals i have sketched on paper, and make them happen.

full access to my notes, layouts ideas and in app requirements will be available on privet contact... given that this is a tool ill be using on tabletop gaming, any past expirance with D&D and other table based games will help CONSIDERABLY in developing this app

being this app is just for me for privet use i cant give a whole lot of money for it as it wont be a source of money for me on the app store. its for me and me alone.

:complete payment will NOT be available upfront... installments will be given as i see the app develop

:the budget of 200 CAN BE RAISED, so dont walk out jsut ciz its too low, if you give me a good idea on details and complexity and show it developing i can raise that

:i have allowed 2 weeks after due date for final bug-testing. the app bust be 100% done, but free and polished by March 27th. as the next day i am using it

any questions, feel free to email me