Job Description


About Us

We are an established (20+ years of trading) dynamic retailing operation based in the United Kingdom, marketing a range of products through a variety of channels to the UK and EC markets.

We are seeking additional products manufactured in China to sell into our markets. The individual products we require are quite varied, but may be broadly categorized into health, beauty and outdoor items. We are seeking ‘generic’ products that are already being manufactured, but which the manufacturer may be able to vary slightly (through the use of different colours, components, etc.) to create a unique item for us or which can be ‘own-branded’ with our own Trademarked brand, & own packaging.

Our requirement

We are seeking a well-organised, meticulous Virtual Assistant who will represent our Company as Buying Agent to manufacturers in China. You must have credibility in this respect in terms of previous experience in this type of work, for which we will seek References. You must have sound judgement, excellent communication and negotiation skills. A clear use of English, both written and spoken, is a prerequisite. In addition, you must be based in China, preferably in or close to Shenzhen from where we already source products and have warehouse facilities.

The ideal candidate should also be able to act on their own initiative. That is, you will not only find suppliers for the specific products we will brief you on, but we will also expect you to identify and present relevant similar and related products you feel may be of interest to us that fit within our existing product ranges. We would also expect you to keep us informed of innovations and new products in the product areas we are interested in.

Your duties, for each product brief that we will supply to you, are as follows:

You will identify manufacturers of the products we are interested in placing a Purchase Order for and undertake discussions with those manufacturers on our behalf. For each product brief we send to you, you will:-

• Identify the manufacturer or manufacturers who could potentially supply the product to us
• Assess the suitability of the manufacturer in terms of their legal registration, reputation, manufacturing facilities, financial stability, labour practices, manufacturing quality standards (e.g. ISO accreditation) and ability to Export (we may ask you to visit individual manufacturers for which expenses will be paid)
• Make a final determination as to whether the product the manufacturer is offering matches our brief, taking into account the likely suitability of the manufacturer’s product for our market, and your assessment of the manufacturer’s ability to produce a consistently high quality product
• Obtain full product details, including whether the product meets international safety and environmental standards, CE marking requirements, RoHS, and so on
• Obtain preliminary information on the product regarding MOQ, pricing, lead times, and payment terms etc together with the suppliers’ payment financial information (so that you can commence a detailed price negotiation to get us a fair price should we wish to proceed to a Purchase Order with the manufacturer )
• Establish whether product variations that would make the product unique to us are possible, if so, what variations, additional costs of the variation etc.
• Establish possibilities for own-branding, with costs
• Obtain product samples should we require them

In the first instance, your duties will be limited to the above. However, assuming we will find a suitable candidate for this position and the candidate performs in this post successfully, it is likely that we will want to add a range of other duties to your responsibilities, such as inspecting finished goods prior to release of final payments, arranging shipments, arranging and managing further warehousing for us inside China, sourcing packaging separately and organizing re-packaging services, assisting our Staff with travel inside China on business visits etc.


This is initially a part-time position, Hours & rate of pay by negotiation (hourly rate shown as indication only). Initially, we are willing to offer 40 hours per month for a trial period of 6 months. As mentioned above, we would expect your duties to include some travel, for which Expenses will be paid by prior agreement.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the right person with an established and dynamic retail operation based in the United Kingdom. The right candidate will appreciate and understand that we are seeking only products of high quality that will give our customers a ‘Wow’ experience. Because of the importance of this position to our future business plans, we will require professional References from previous employers (which will be taken up) for whom you have undertaken work of this nature previously.

Good luck!