Determine camera pose position with high accuracy

Determine camera pose position with high accuracy


Job Description

This is for an upcoming project that is in the process of being funded. It is exploratory, but the chances of funding is very high, and should occur in approximately one week. Budget is from $3,000-$5,000.

Task A. From a set of photos, determine camera pose position for each photo.

Basic Diagram - see
See photosynth - Note: mouse over the photo. Each rectangular region is a photo
3D pose estimation -
Step by Step Camera Pose Estimation -

Task B. For each photo determine the overlap area for all the other photos, and the projection parameters. Determine the tolerance for matching a point from one photo to another. Determine the angle between the photos from the camera positions.

The work is subject to continuous review, with a complete review at the end of the project. A set of photos will be provided for testing. A few hours should be set aside to document the code.

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