EBAY PARTNER I need a well versed API pro to create something for me.


Job Description

I'm looking for someone who can finish this job today. $80 for you if you do. Need an English speaker from the USA. I've tried some others and even after they tell me they can do the job, quickly after hire... I realize they have no clue what I'm asking for.

On my site, I have a link to ebay auctions, then a drop down of ten category pages. These are the them
Music Items
Speshals (my wife's ebay account)
UBBBK (my ebay account )
Under $5
Video Games

Right now I'm using the shitty widget maker on the ebay Partner site. Ideally I would love the "feed" look from ebay. Or something like the site http://picclick.com. Could you write the code with the api for all these? You would really only need to make one code and just change the search function I believe. put EBAY in the subject line.