Looking for painter/artists to work for us at our online shop

Looking for painter/artists to work for us at our online shop


Job Description

We are looking for painter/artists to work for us at our online shop, "Kotoba no Present" (Gift of Words).
"Kotoba no Present" is a service only available in Japan, however there is no need to be able to speak Japanese. If you can communicate in English, that is more than enough.

(Kotoba no Present Overview)
This is a service that creates original gifts out of one's portrait and letters. It is often used as a gift for the parents at weddings. The customers can choose the painter, (there are currently 3 Japanese painters) and we would like to welcome an additional artist. Most of the orders are portraits of the marrying couple, or a group portrait of the parents from both sides.

(Job description)
We would like you to draw portraits.
> Our business is production on order, so we will request your work upon each order. Please set your price for each unit (2 people).
* Customers can choose their own costumes. We will need them to select four costumes of their choice beforehand. Rotation of clothes can be done freely (In other words, you only have to draw their heads in such cases).
* You will receive 2, 3 pictures form the customer (sometimes, you only get one), and base the portrait on that.
* Backgrounds and original costumes are available by option. We will pay you extra for those accordingly.
* We will need you to turn in your work/data within a week. When customers choose "Speed Shipping", the work will need to be handed in within 3 days (optional fee for speed shipping will be added to your pay).
* Corrections/edits will be necessary until the customer is fully satisfied (Average of 1 edits per job).
* Edits need to be done in a day or two.
* If the customer is still not satisfied after the edit, the order will be cancelled. In such cases, we will not be able to pay you (FYI, there has never been such a case up to this point).
* We will provide you a psd template data with the background and captions already in place. We will need you to provide the portrait to go on the template (A4 or A3 size).
* Data transaction will be conducted via file sharing services. Communication will be done through e-mails (We require a basic e-mail transaction skill). We will need your work submitted in psd format.
* Once a contract has been established, we will need you to send a sample (Amount of order will be determined by the quality of your sample). Below is the link where the sample will be posted.

(Additional information)
* Our customers will be Japanese (mostly females). Your work will need to reflect such needs. Please refer to the sample page to get a grasp of what our customers like/prefer. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know.

* Please show me your portfolio that you've created.

Skills: english