PHP Coder, LAMP experience and server administration

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Job Description

Need professional with 5 or more years LAMP experience and strong server administration background to help us with projects when we have needs, maybe 10-15 hours per month. Much of the work is modifying existing applications using php. We have several web sites

We seek a permanent and continuous relationship from a real professional who has depth of experience, will document all code changes and can work independently. Note that we are not technical people so when you work on a project, we will not be able to be of much assistance other than to provide access credentials.

We rarely have emergencies but if that happens, we need to be able to contact you. Most projects are small maintenance projects with expected turn-around time of days to 1 week. Estimated hours are 0-10 per week.

Required Skills

PHP5 - Candidate should be a top-notch PHP5 developer, familiar with the latest features in PHP 5.2.X and 5.3.X.

MySQL - Modern database development expertise, words like 'trigger'
and 'view' should be part of your vocabulary.

XHTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX - Expert level Javascript/XHTML/CSS development will be necessary. jQuery experience preferred.

Object Oriented Development / CS Background - Ideal candidates should understand object oriented development, and apply OO concepts to everything they do. Formal CS background or experience preferred.

Self-Starter - Looking for candidates who can jump in quickly without a lot of direction.

We do not want a large agency but rather, an individual or small company with 5 or fewer people.

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