Insurance Research


Job Description

My company manages a large insurance website with thousands of pages of content. We are currently working on 102 articles that need interesting state insurance facts to create increased value for our users.

This job is best for someone who has previous insurance knowledge and knows where to find the most accurate facts about insurance. We are looking for unique information that can be found on government websites or state insurance databases. Doing a quick Google search and recording the first fact that comes up is not what we are looking for. All sources for these facts need to be recorded on an excel spreadsheet.

We need to following facts found from credible sources for all 51 states: (Washington DC included)


State average car insurance cost:
Minimum required bodily injury insurance:
Minimum required property damage insurance:
Average amount of bodily injury insurance purchased:
Average amount of property damage insurance purchased:
Amount spend on accidents / year:
Number of persons affected by collisions each year


State average home insurance cost:
State average liability limits:
Percent of people who purchase umbrella insurance:
Percent of people who purchase flood insurance:
Number of theft/burglary claims/year:
Number of windstorm claims per year:
Number of fire claims per year:
Number of hail claims per year:

These facts are negotiable. The right person for this job will know what facts are attainable from government and state insurance websites and we welcome other ideas.We are looking for facts that are easy to find and can be found year over year (or every other year) if possible.

Project rate and estimated due date are negotiable.

Must be an established Odesk contractor with positive feedback.

Please respond with your background, why you are a good fit for this job and let us know what resources are available to you or how you would go about finding interesting state insurance facts that web users would find valuable.

Thank you.

Skills: research