"Expert Java Desktop applications Developer"

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Job Description

We are in urgent need of a Java Desktop Applications developer who can tweak our current java app.


1. Our Java App connects to our server (our server is PHP)

2. The app starts and ask for login, and app send a post request to server with url and get response in json format for log in to be successful.

3. This app is currently working with our project management tool. Each step/task in our tool is embedded with a timer that records time when a user starts/opens that step. As the step is started, the timer starts counting and the app starts capturing screen. All screen captures are uploaded to our server. The app captures at a random intervals of 2 minutes. When the step is paused or completed, the timer stops as well as the captures. Currently, the app is using a static name for the images to be uploaded to our server.

4. We currently have .jar executable file, we need Deployment(Installer) version for each different platform like Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

5. The app stores snapshots to the users' computer before storing it to the server


1. ALL snapshots should be stored automatically to the server and not to the users' computer.

2. Design Enhancements, add company logo on main app Accumulator page.

3. The app should be able to load automatically on start up and run from the tray - rather then the task bar.

4. The app has to prompt users when updates are available. Users are given the option to download the new version and replace the old version.

5. The app should record mouse and keyboard activities and provide an active window log.

Skills: json, management, linux, design

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