Expert SEO Ghost Writers / Bloggers

Expert SEO Ghost Writers / Bloggers


Job Description

• Are you well-versed in Internet Marketing?
• Do you have a fun, energetic tone and enjoy teaching others how to improve their business without being dry or boring?
• Would you like to write content for blogs, our website, interviews with other experts in the industry and scripts for educational and sales videos?
• Are you capable of submitting turn-key articles, complete with SEO, proper formatting, titles, tags, images, , references, etc?

If the answer is yes to each of these questions, please read on.

We are an internet marketing company looking for a couple of dynamic feature writers to ghost-write content for our upcoming launch. Starting out, the primary focus will be on writing a couple hundred blog posts, as well as occasional help with website page content. All will be used to populate the site with content, as well as create material to be used in our marketing and launch campaigns.

We are interested in forging a long term relationship with 2 to 3 writers who will be available to help us on an ongoing basis to launch the business and help us build and grow.

Posts need to be of a high quality, display a knowledge of internet marketing, business development and coaching, as well as include quality images.
Our website is aimed at teaching entrepreneurs who are just starting out, as well as small to mid-sized established businesses how to harness the power of the internet to increase their sales and improve their lifestyle. There is a lot of scope for different topics including:

• Internet Marketing
• Buisnes & Start Ups
• Social Media & Video Marketing
• Inspiration / Affirmations
• Work-Life Balance
• Start-Up Business
• Branding & Positioning
• And much, much more.

Posts will need to be convincing in establishing us as experts in the industry. More importantly, they will need to be attention-grabbing and compelling enough to become viral. They will cover 'how to', 'tips' and may be 'tutorial' in nature but will need to possess a tone that will make them interesting and fun.

We have two main target markets we are trying to reach. The first are male and female college graduates between the ages of 28 - 45. The are solo entrepreneurs who are starting up their businesses for the first time. These include stay at home moms who are starting their own businesses from home, or professionals who are leaving the work force to pursue their lifelong dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

The second target market are established small to medium sized businesses who have been primarily successful without the use of internet marketing, but who have plateaued and want to see even bigger sales and profits. The primary demographics for those in this segment are college educated males between 35 - 50.

Though the content will need to be practical, we are looking for writers who can bring some subtle personality and occasional humor to the content. We are looking for writers who possess a winning combination of quality, elegance and humor.

Scan through some of the posts on Hubspot and to get a sense of the combination we're looking for. If you have a high quality image library of your own pictures to use as examples and have a very strong grasp of the English language this will be especially advantageous.

Send a cover letter to and write "Freelance Blog & Content Writer" in the subject line. Include:
• your name
• details about your approach to researching topics
• elaboration on your experience with search engine optimized articles & keywords
• your approach to coming up with headlines
• if hired, your schedule of availability (How much time, per week, will you be available to create content for us)
• how long you believe it would take you to put together a 700 - 1200 word draft post (for pre-approval)
• how long it would take you to take that draft from concept to completion (complete with tags, headlines, images, references, etc)
• a brief rundown of your relevant experience
• at least two samples of your writing on internet marketing, business or life coaching
• some suggested post titles/topics that you feel you'd be able to cover
• 3 - 5 links to content that you've written
• 3 references who can be contacted by phone (international numbers are okay so long as international calling codes are provided)

Once we collate the responses, we'll shortlist the most appropriate applicants. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit a trial post to be used on our Facebook page (you will be remunerated for this) to see how it is received by readers and to let you see if it is a fit for you too.

After all shortlisted candidates trial posts are published you will be notified as to whether your application has been successful.

This process will take several weeks.

This is a pay-per-post, freelance position with a growth potential for the right candidates.

Skills: teaching, marketing, coaching, video, english, facebook, script-writing, keyword-research