A LCD display layout design for an electronic liquid processing system. Experience working with LCD Display Manufacturer necessary.


Job Description

The system has the following functions:
1. It keeps track of how many hours it has been used since installation / last reset.
2. It keeps track of how many liters of liquid has passed through the system.

The LCD display is 3cm wide x 4cm high with the following:
1. Digits* / Graphic (easy to read dial/meter) showing how many hours have been used or how many hours more to the pre-defined maximum hours.
2. Digits* / Graphic (eg. a vessel being filled) showing how many litres of liquid have been processed, or how many litres of liquid it can further be processed.
3. A battery indicator that can show the battery level as well as to warn the operator when the battery is low. (eg. small indicator at the top right corner)
4. When the operating hours or amount of liquid processing has reached a preset threshold, an indicator on the display will signal the user to call for service. (e.g. a graphic of a telephone handset, or simply an exclamation mark contained in a triangle)
5. An additional indicator when D/C (external) power source is connected to the system (next to the battery indicator).
*. If Digits is being used without any graphic, Point 1 and 2 (time and litres) can be combined as there can be a swtich to toggle with the information to be shown.

Please come up with the LCD display design for this product. It should be able to satisfy the described function, present information with clarity, innovative graphic and have a feeling of first class design.

I also need the completed electornic files together with a copy converted to pdf format.