Interactive (or Static) Data Visualization

Interactive (or Static) Data Visualization


Job Description

I need to create (preferably interactive) but can do static if needed "data visualization" that would portray the "shifts in mobile consumer behavior"?

I need to collect both a dataset and related large image set. I can personally do the image analysis and visualizations, however I will need help with the data visualization and the actual collection (via API?) of the data to be analyzed.

I also need to collect large visual and data collections (digital photos, data, digitized visual content, etc.) that specifically relate to mobile consumers


Side notes:

I only have until mid November to complete this

1. Data strategy / procurement: Relevant data would include any datasets or reports (perhaps public government records or mobile consumer reports, Google API, any social media APIs).

I would prefer to pull datasets relating to mobile app purchases, particularly ones that help users log their progress and achieve goals. Think running apps where you can also post on social media, also combine in there similar apps such as fitness/health/lifestyle/ anything that allows the user to not only set goals but log and share them on social networks.

What about leveraging the APIs from Instagram, Flickr, or even Vine? Perhaps you could access the geolocation info (and publically available digital images, data, date taken, date posted, hash tags added, comments, etc.) from the images metadata from Facebook Mobile's API?

2. Data processing: What tools do we use to process the image data? How to use these tools to gather insight? Then using these tools to do the analysis.

I will also need the images, and the data as a csv or db file

3. Data insights: How do we interpret the results from the image analysis? What are the implications of the results?

Here is the second part that I need from you: I can do the image visualizations and analysis (once you collect it), BUT I also want to create data visualizations that represent the data collected.

I would like to create something similar to one of the following (is that possible?):
Some of these offer a creative commons license (this is a non-commercial project) to go in an re-edit it to meet our data and needs?

Any of the "data" visualization types from this gallery:

This is a website that I wish we could re-invent to my needs: (then click "open applet")