Create Prototype of Simple Bluetooth Stopwatch

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Summary: Create a small, thin printed circuit board (PCB) that is a stopwatch that can share its time over bluetooth.

Specificiations: The PCB will feature a microcontroller; several push-button single-poll, single-throw momentary switches; indicator LEDs; a bluetooth module; and a rechargeable battery. Ideally the entire assembly will be smaller than 40 mm long x 10 mm wide x 10 mm tall.

Purpose: The device is essentially a bluetooth stopwatch. When the user pushes a button, the microcontroller should be able to record in memory the time and pin number. It will then turn on the related indicator LED and turn off any others. Microcontroller should be able to provide the recorded times and pin numbers via a serial bluetooth connection when commanded. Thus the entire assembly should act as a bluetooth peripheral (ideally with my iPhone as a central - but that's another project).

Deliverables: Over the lifetime of this project, please provide
(1) Parts list, all affordable and able to be ordered for delivery to the USA
(2) Circuit schematic in a picture
(3) PCB file - in whatever industry-standard format you prefer
(4) Code for microcontroller.
(5) Ideally, get the PCB printed, purchase components, assemble and ship to me.

Individual tasks will be provided from this long-term work plan.