REPOST: Re-modelling My Small Apartment - 983 square feet


Job Description

Firstly, this is a re-post. It's my first time using this platform and made a mistake in my first posting. I am looking for a fixed price per project. Was informed that I could only re-post the advert. My apologies to the providers who had replied to my original advert.

Just a re-cap, I am looking to remodel my home - a small apartment of a mere 983 square feet. I am trying to do away to the middleman designers, cause most of the contractors are unreliable - and I have my reliable contractors whom I want to hire.

Looking for someone to draw up the plans with 3D rendering, so that I can see what the final product looks like and also provide the documents to the contractors so that things will not go wrong and also submit the documents to the relevant authorities (though these will not require any official certification).

I would want concealed piping for my electric works and water pipes and also air con piping. So I would also require drawings for the same.

While I have a good idea on what I want, I would also require your input/suggestions on the design - I need someone who is more than just an expert in using a computer software to draw the design.

I have bought a few of the furnishings and will upload photos of the same, so that you have an idea of the design I am looking for. I will definitely be pro-active, but would require your guidance.

70% of the structural drawings should be ready asap so that I can use it to get a quote from the contractors. This is my estimated end date.

The project will most probably require some changes to be made to the plans until a perfect plan is obtained.