Sugar-crm application developer


Job Description

We are a 20 year old, growing US based company that needs to manage 10,000 investment assets. We are converting our microsoft access 2007 application to Sugar-crm. Each asset must be tracked individually and identified by a few key fields. All contacts, tasks, time and expense are assigned to a particular asset. The same resources and tasks may be assigned to multiple assets. A main screen template for each asset must provide a summary description of the asset. Documents, email and other correspondence must be linked to a particular asset and viewed easily. Standard time and expense are allocated to each resource and asset and measured against actuals. System must notify if tasks are over budget or past deadline. System must keep track of a number of standardized forms, processes and track tasks assigned to hundreds of third party vendors such as brokers, appraisers, attorneys. System must measure profitability of the asset as well as each employees productivity. This application is unusual but is really nothing more than a contact management, project management, time and billing system. The ability to use our historical information in Sugar-crm is preferred but not necessary. Once up and running further customization will be needed. A great opportunity for those interested in a different challenge. Thank you for applying!

Skills: english, management, billing

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