Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development


Job Description

A short 1-2 sentence job overview

I need a website designed and it must use vBulletin for it's forums!

What you need the contractor to do

What I need done is a nice looking website that has a header similar to . I have recently bought rights to it's logo work so the theme must be based around it's logo. The pages that must be done are HOME, CONTACT, FORUMS (Goes to a page based on vBulletin). For the forums, I want a design based around the logo (like the website) and it must be compatible with vB.

Key skills needed to do the job well

Experience with vBulletin and experience with Web Designing + Programming.

What you think a successful engagement will look like for you as a client

I would like you to use popular communication programs such as Skype, Teamspeak (I have a server IP) or Steam.

Any questions or info you want the contractor to include in their application

When you apply, I would like you to give me a price for the full project and an estimate on how fast it could get done.

NOTE : I am going to list all the coding skills needed, just let me know which one you use.

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