Java Engineer

Java Engineer


Job Description

We're a private software company with an all-star team of developers focused on building the next best Enterprise Information Management system applications and tools.

In this role, you will be responsible for the design, development and testing of components that will be used to process and manage data assets (reports, documents, files) in both structured and unstructured ways.

For _example_ (this is not a real scenario but things we do are similar in nature), we may want to index all text data across a folder of PDFs; Some questions you will be asked, and answer, are:

- How would you do that?
- What would the the polling mechanism be like?
- Will it process PDFs across multiple threads ?
- Will it be robust enough to fail a PDF but provide enough information to capture the fact that it failed?
- Can the results be managed and updated asynchronously?
- Will the PDF data be searchable through a remote interface / UI ?

You should be a "classic" Java engineer with strong knowledge of fundamentals.

You'll be given deep exposure to highly desirable skills around SAP BI, SAP Business Objects and related applications and APIs as that's what we develop in.

We're looking for candidates with experience:

- minimum 5 years Java experience
- real SQL expertise (DB2, H2, Oracle. MSSQL)
- java enterprise application development experience
- good understanding of parsers, algorithms, XML
- experience developing multi-threaded code
- awareness of performance issues
- test and build mechanics + familiarity

The candidate should be mature, work independently and provide realistic expectations and time-lines.

What you can expect in the beginning:
- Help build a server-side engine that a) serves data b) parses files c) manages work queuing and performs intelligent / incremental updates
- Configure and test a build server/environment

When and if we determine the right candidate we will work through requirements and design documentation with them and get them up to speed on all necessary details.

This project will last a few months and we're looking to build a relationship with the right person to do so as it will go longer for the right person.

The first assignment you'll be tasked with is a heavy parsing routine and building a metadata library from it.

Thanks - I look forward to learning about your abilities.


**** There is NO web development in this project. Your role will mostly be server-side
**** You will be expected to participate in regular weekly meetings regardless of your time zone (but we're flexible and will find common working times)

Skills: multithreading, management, design, pdf, test