Random Number Generator and email form project

Random Number Generator and email form project


Job Description

I need a random number generator plugin and random string generator to generate a percentage number or a string that will output like: 10% or 50% OR "Two Tickets to Paradise" "A Jar of Pickles" and will send that info through in an email to the registrant that triggers the number.

In other words, a registrant (visitor) will come to the site, go to 'enter to win' (or whatever information the user inputs to be on the form) and then a random number or string (user can input as many strings as they want) is generated, put into an email and emailed to the visitor/registrant and to whomever is designated in the users 'dashboard'.

User will be able to put in an email message and the user should also be able to place first name and last name on the email in short code format if they want. Should also be able to display random generated number or string with short code in any part of the email they want.

There should be a place in the 'dashboard' for the plugin where the fields for the information gathered from the email can be stored and exported if desired.


I want to use this to generate % discounts and to generate 'stuff' that could be won.

If you have any other suggestions for this plugin, would be open to discussion and could pay more for good ideas. There also could be a bonus involved if plans create monetary benefits.

Prefer being able to discuss and work with you on Skype preferably through voice, but chat could work.

Skills: benefits

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